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Save time and money

with outsourcing your payroll to LohnDialog

You need someone with expertise in german payroll?
Our experts will help you!

We provide a fullservice: payroll, online-archive and consultation.

What we need:
– filled out „Firmenstammblatt“ – information-sheet about your company
– information about the „Berufsgenossenschaft“- a „Berufsgenossenschaft“ is the insurance for accidents at work or on way to work.
– filled out „Personalstammblatt“- information-sheet for every employee

if you had an payroll-provider and change to LohnDialog:
– every sheet, where the payments for employees and insurance companies are displayed.

Unfortunatly it is forbidden by german law to print out englisch payslips. But we will hand you a description of each section and a translation word by word.
We are sorry about the inconvience.

Experience for every business:

The following are just some of the business we take care of:

Customerservice and services in generell
Health Care and Social Work
Hotels and Restaurants
Tax Consultants
Transport and Logistics

If your company does not fit in this list, do not worry. Send us a request and we will figure something out. Together we can make it happen.

Always included: Your advantages, our values


We like long term relations with our customers.


Effective software and tools from our partners to help with your payroll


Data security is out tradition. Your datas are stored on a high security server.


Two Generations of Knowledge, Ideas and Experience.


At LohnDialog you will have a personal payroll-accountant.

Local for you

Four locations in Germany makes sure you have a personal payroll-accountant.

LohnDialog Locations

Local for you. The adresses of our payroll-offices:

Ostseestraße 107, 10409 Berlin
030 467 223 13
Hintermayrstraße 28, 90409 Nürnberg
0911 310 448 01
Gottschedstraße 18, 04109 Leipzig
0341 229 010 61
Berliner Straße 25, 16321 Bernau